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Barley Selection and Soluble


ORGANIC TOSTATO 500 grRoasted barley ground to the natural with a fine and delicate aroma.Soft and balanced taste. Sweet on the palate, with light bodice.It is good either alone or with milk.It is packed in 500 gr bags and can be prepared with both the moka and the espresso machine.ORZO IN CIALDE-FILTER for espressoThe fresh and delicate pleasure of a natural drink and in line with the most modern trends, packed in comfortable single-course waffles.Suitable for semi-professional household machines, offices, shops, cafes, can also be used in bar espresso machines.24-pack monodosis.SOLUBILE BEAR 500 grA tasty, naturally non-caffeinated drink, suitable for anyone who does not tolerate coffee or who wants to avoid the consumption of exciting substances. The softness of the barley and the natural sweetness of the malt give the drink a special taste and aroma. It is rich in carbohydrates and almost completely free of fat: dissolved directly in milk, it is ideal for a healthy and natural breakfast.Envelope 500 gr.COFFEE TO SOLUBILE GINSENG: BUSH 500 GRGet full of energy and experience the new taste experience!Coffee charge combines the invigorating and revitalizing properties of ginseng in a unique mix, to be enjoyed every time you need a spin of energy.Soluble for professional use.Envelope 500 gr.COFFEE TO SOLUBLE GINSENG: 10 MONODOSE BUTTONS X 20 GRSemi-processed powder for ginseng flavored coffee drink, soluble in hot water.The product is presented in blister containing 10 packs of 20 gr.Each bundle allows you to make two cups, that is, 20 cups or 10 large cups.

Service Caffè

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Pergine Valsugana Italy

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