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Coffee Selection


The Torrefazione Caffè Ventura is a company with a long and prestigious history. It was founded in the 1950s and was a small Bolognese company started with tenacity and dedication by Alfonso Ventura, the father of the current owner of the company: Mauro Ventura. The latter, with a constant commitment to the pursuit of the highest quality, always looking to the future and to meet the new market needs and above all the desire to expand, has managed to create a solid commercial reality not only in the regional and national, but also international.In fact, all distributed products are exported and tasted even in Europe and around the world. The most prestigious brands that are part of the Ventura Group and that over the years have been acquired on the basis of a precise strategic design are: Caffè Sandrolini, Tosteria del Corso, Caffè dei Sorrentini and many other ......An art that, thanks to a spirit of innovation and research, combines tradition with the latest technologies and the ultimate control of experienced operators.That is why the carefully selected coffee beans, contained in numbered bags, are tested on the environmental, organoleptic and aromatic levels and then roasted.So much attention is given to a product of excellence and of great quality, that guaranteed by the Caffè Ventura brand, declined in so many different blends and packs of grain or ground 1 kg, 500 g or 5 kg..Selection of Coffee Coffee SandroliniThe Sandrolini Coffee Company was founded in 1894 by Amedeo Sandrolini with a colonial license that, in addition to the import of spices and other products from the hot countries, enabled coffee trade and roasting.Over time, the Company, always maintaining a family management and dimension, is increasingly distinguished and distinct in the specific coffee sector.A ready-made packaging makes Sandrolini coffee available for distribution and sale.Storage is virtually non-existent and therefore a fresh product comes in the market, which keeps its organoleptic characteristics unaltered for the entire duration indicated on the packaging.Depending on the different ways to prepare coffee, Sandrolini is able to offer its product both in grains and in two different types of grinding: for moka and espresso bars in vacuum packs or in a modified atmosphere of 1kg, 500g and 250g.Sandrolini coffee blends are distinguished by the great versatility of use: there are those dedicated to bars for a great breakfast and those recommended at restaurants for a delicious fine meal..Coffee Tosteria del Corso SelectionThe Tosteria del Corso brand offers top-of-the-range products, taking full care of the details and paying close attention to all aspects that can strengthen the already well-established image of quality and professionalism.In doing so, and to grow together with the Client by strengthening and spreading the Italian style of Espresso coffee, we offer a wide assortment of blends with the Tosteria del Corso logo:COURSE (Black Ink) pack of kg. 1Ideal blend for "breakfast" service and for consumption in the bar-pastry shop. It gives the palate a very tasty and persistent taste with sweet tones.Also recommended for "cappuccini" and "stained coffee".Designed for high fuel consumption and an expert and demanding clientele.CORSO-IMPERO (Packed in Vinaccia) pack of kg. 1Excellent coffee blend for the "breakfast" service in cafes.Incisive coffee in taste thanks to a full, intense and strong flavor.Recommended classic classic deer.EXTRA BAR (Blue Ink) pack of kg. 1Correctness and creaminess make the mixture suitable for cafeterias-restaurants.The accentuated and persistent aftertaste are other important notes for those who love the long-lasting coffee flavor.EXTRA MOKA (White Ink) pack of kg. 1Recommended for restaurants-pizzerias.Strong and at the same time delicate, and also suitable for those who are approaching quality allespress for the first time.EXTRA CREM (Red Ink) pack of kg. 1A mixture that always guarantees a creamy coffee has been studied and is mainly directed at the automatic distribution service ("vending" channel).Flavorful, firm but not aggressive.RUSTIC SELECTION - Packs of 250 g VacuumMokaMixture of ground coffee obtained from selected high quality varieties.Recommended for preparing with moka.Harmonious, full bodied and creamy, as good as after meal.ExpressedA mixture designed with passion and expertise to get a great espresso using a home-made machine.Enveloping and decisive, ideal for coffee breaks.FilterSelected mixture of ground coffee made of the finest quality.Suitable for coffee filter preparation.Also available in 500 g jar, for home use or bar.DecaffeinatedOur "selection" decaffeinated coffee.Available in family packs and ideal for any pause time..Café Caffè Sorrentino SelectionThe Sorrentino Line coffee is a mixture of high quality, palatable and ideal for those who want a sparkle of vitality, savoring a strong but creamy espresso with a very delicate aftertaste.Recommended for creating a relaxing break at any time of the day.The product is distributed in packs

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