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Colonial Selection


THE "ASTOR""It's tea time". Packed in 100-filter carton.CAMOMA "VALMILLA" Sifted chamomile and aromatic herbs for a relaxing break. Packed in 100-filter carton.CIOK ESPRESS "BAHIA"Instant cocoa drink. Ideal for cold winter days and for a quick recharging of energy. Packed in 50-pack envelopes.1 KG SOLUBILE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATEInstant preparation for chocolate-flavored drinks, for professional use. 1 kg bag.CLASSIC INFUSES POMPADOURWide range of infusions in different flavors with relaxing, digestive, soothing, soothing, toning and toning properties. 20 sachets of 1.75 g.

Service Caffè

Sala Fabio 340-5748840

Pergine Valsugana Italy

Service Caffe - Via Regensburger ,82 - 38057 - Pergine Valsugana - TnCod.Fisc MTSSMM55P51Z602M - P.Iva 02369180225