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How to Prepare

How to Prepare

There are many ways to prepare a cup of coffee, but the best known methods arethe turkish system (boiling), infusion of filters and pressure.Boiling: put the ground coffee in a container with cold water, boil it, get off the fire when it boils, and finally it is filtered.In this way a Turkish coffee is obtained, thick and fragrant.At infusion: put impalpable powder in hot water and then filter. To use the infusion method, the so-called "Neapolitan" or "cuccum" machine used commonly used up to the 60's and still used in the southern regions and especially in Naples. This consists of a tin cylinder in which water is poured, a removable part with a filter in which powdered coffee is placed, and a lid with a small sieve; finally there is the other cylindrical part with a beak. It is placed so on the fire and when the water bubbles tip over so that the water passing through the filter gives coffee.At pressure: this system is obtained with a machine of common use 'moka'. Its operation takes place by boiling water pressure. You get this way a good homemade coffee, and in a quick way. At coffee this way, it lacks a peculiarity, it is not creamy.This feature is obtained only with the "express machine" (which is a hydro compression machine where the source of pressure is separate from that of the heat). The prototype of the first espresso machine was presented at the Paris Fair in 1855. At the beginning of 1900, Italian production began, which is spread all over the world. In 1935 Francesco Illy replaced the vapor with compressed air as a source of pressure. Today, espresso machines are widespread in most European continental countries, in the US, Canada.COFFEE IS EXPRESSED7 grams of coffee blend, grinding between impalpable powder and granules with 1 mm diameter, about 30 cc of water at 90 ° C and pressure at 9 atmospheres, 30 seconds of extraction. This would be the expression if it was reduced to a simple formula.Preparing a quality espresso requires a lot of care and a great commitment and this our daily rite ibar is the consecrated temple. It is in this place that the espresso can be prepared and served in the most correct way and with the best tools, although nowadays it has been possible to produce small espresso machines for domestic use and lowering the medium quality level of the cup served in public exercises has favored their development. This market has a widespread diffusion, but it is clear that to move and choose intern

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