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The Four M

In order for the result of the extraction operation to be as perfect as possible, it is necessary to reach a delicate balance between four conventional elements called "the 4 emme".M as a coffee blend, M as a grinder, M as an espresso machine, M as the operator's hand

The Four M

M as a coffee blendIn order to obtain balanced balanced espresso, it is not possible to use only one type of coffee, it requires more than one mixed mix, according to percentages that take into account the organoleptic characteristics of the individual components. This need is not felt in the case of infused beverage or gravity cutters, given the low percentage of extraction with these techniques. In the case of espresso, the amount of ground coffee has to endure as we have seen extremes of extraction; Not all coffee qualities react in the same way to these physical agents as they do not react similarly to toasting and grinding. The mixture must therefore be wisely made to prevent some peculiar characteristics such as body, bitter acidity accentuated at the expense of others. the biggest extraction of substances that is obtained with the espresso machine amplifies the defect in taste of any unripe or fermented grains that sadly pollute much of the green coffee. To make a good espresso also use only 50 coffee beans: if one of them is defective its presence is immediately noticed.Not all peoples coffee consumers have the same preferences and the same habits as tastes. For this reason different roasting rates are required depending on the product's destination. In the south, it is preferable to have a very narrow taste with a predominantly bitter taste: a very toasting roasting is required. To the north a slight acidity combined with a higher volume of liquid in the cup is more welcome: the degree of roasting should therefore be clearer.How to store roasted coffeeAfter roasting coffee espresso machines are normally stored with different systems in containers with a capacity varying from 1 to 3 kg.In an atmospheric environment (paper bag - plasticized paper - plastic) where the retention period can be estimated in the order of 10-15 days.In an atmosphere with a salva-valve (a normal plastic bag with a non-return valve to discharge any pressure formed in the bag without allowing the atmospheric air to enter) where the storage period is about 1 monthIn a vacuum environment where the duration is about 3 months.In the inert gas environment, with the so-called presurization, at a humidity less than 1%, where it is possible to keep the order of 3 or more years.M as a macinatorThe grinder is a compulsory step on the ideal path to get from roasted coffee to the espresso coffee steaming cup.His job is to turn the coffee beans into powder: dust

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